FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

This page has FAQs for Clients and for Models.

FAQ for Clients:

1) Although you are based in Chicago, can you help us in multiple markets?
Yes we can!  Our markets can be found by visiting “Markets” on our website.  If you want us to promote your offering or work a tradeshow in a market in which is not highlighted, this is not a problem whatsoever.  We often travel in and out of markets, we just highlight the markets in which we have at least 100 promotional models in our database.   

2) Are your models under contract? 
Yes, 100% of our models sign an independent contract agreement with IMPACT365 that protects you, our client, in ways most agencies don’t even think about.

3) Are both IMPACT365 and our promotions insured?
Most corporations forget to even ask this important question.  IMPACT365 holds a $2 Million Dollar insurance policy which we extend to our clients at NO CHARGE.  If you request to be named as additionally insured, we welcome it… and you will sleep better at night as well!

4) How much do you charge?
Our clients are charged based on their needs.  Many clients ask us to create a marketing campaign for them and execute while others only need models.  Clients need to consider the following when requesting a quote:  Management, staff selection & training, travel & transportation, warehousing and distribution of promotional items, set-up time, and length of shifts just to name a few.

5) Can we choose a specific model?
You may request a specific model but there are many factors when choosing a model.  Not all models are good for all promotions and at IMPACT365 Models it is our goal to choose models that will positively influence your business. 

6) Why should we choose IMPACT365 Models? 
Because we are the best, and we will provide you as many references and success stories as needed to make you feel comfortable prior to working with us.

FAQ for Models:

1) What are the requirements to become an IMPACT365 Model?

• Promotional Talent:
Males and females, ages 21-38; well-spoken, energetic, attractive, in shape, good communication skills; outgoing, bilingual in Spanish a plus

• Runway/Print:
Males must be at least 6’0” and be height/weight proportionate; must be physically fit and in shape
Females must be at least 5’8” and be height/weight proportionate; must be physically fit and in shape

• All talent should reflect an image of healthiness, brightness, and articulation. Essentially, we are seeking fit and healthy men and women who are energetic, outgoing, and who can be relied upon to do a great job.

2) How do I become an IMPACT365 model?
• We are a nationwide agency; please click on “JOIN” submission link above and submit your information.  The process takes about 5-10 minutes.  Please have two pictures ready.

3) Does IMPACT365 Models charge a fee for new talent?
• There is no fee when you become an IMPACT365 Model. Once you have signed our Independent Contractor Agreement, you will be added to your state’s email list. Whenever an event arises in your state, you will receive a notice with the event details and submission guidelines. Simply follow the guidelines to become booked for a particular event.

4) How does IMPACT365 Models pay me after I work?  
• We mail our models checks on the 10th of each month for the prior months work.  We do not want our models waiting for us to be paid by our clients, hence waiting as long as 90 days to get paid.  You work, you get paid! 

5) Does IMPACT365 Models have a bonus program for consistent and reliable models? 
 • We do!  IMPACT365 Models pays our models a substantial bonus for each 20 promotions executed on behalf of IMPACT365 Models clients.  It is our way of saying “THANK YOU”!